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Psychology of Safety

PSB Solutions - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do you feel you have a complete understanding of how human behaviour influences safety? Do you feel you have the ability to positively influence safety conversations? Do you have difficulty overcoming the common challenges faced by many safety professionals?

Understanding the human factors underpinning safety can be the difference between a good safety professional and an exceptional safety professional.

Whether you are new to the safety industry or highly experienced, understanding the psychological principles of safety will enable you to be more effective and influential in your role.

What is the Role of Psychology in Safety?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour, and safety is about behaviour. There is considerable evidence that links human factors with workplace incidents. Therefore, it is imperative that the human aspects of safety are addressed when seeking to improve overall safety performance.

In safety, it is important to have the skills to motivate people to work safely and prevent them from engaging in unsafe behaviours. Safety performance can only be improved if safety professionals and leaders are able to motivate, influence, and promote the right mindset in people.



Exceptional Safety Professionals

Safety professionals who are able to apply psychological principles to their role are better equipped to improve safety outcomes and personal effectiveness.

To be effective as safety professionals, it is imperative to understand:

  • human behaviour and the human factors present within all organisations;
  • how personnel relate to and with the organisational systems that are in place;
  • the importance of high level communication and engagement between all levels of an organisation;
  • providing feedback, both to management and frontline personnel; and
  • how to facilitate change successfully.

When understanding safety it is important to examine both the behaviours and attitudes that lead to incidents and the behaviours and attitudes that can prevent and manage incidents.

How Can PSB Solutions Help?

PSB Solutions offers a ‘Psychology of Safety for Safety Advisers’ workshop aimed at providing safety professionals with an understanding of the psychological principles behind behaviour change and improvement.

This workshop is ideal for safety advisers, students studying safety, and anyone wanting to enhance or complement their current skill set.

The key objectives of the two day Psychology of Safety for Safety Advisers workshop are to provide safety advisers with an understanding of:

  • situational awareness;
  • safety culture;
  • behaviour based safety;
  • safety leadership;
  • communication, feedback and influence tactics; and
  • how to overcome the common challenges faced by many safety professionals.

If you would like to know more about PSB Solutions’ ‘Psychology of Safety for Safety Advisers’ workshop, please call us on (08) 9489 3900 or visit our Workshop page.

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