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People Solutions

Our people solutions are aimed at enhancing personal effectiveness, interpersonal relationships and mental health in the workplace.

We are able to design and customise our Workshops and support strategies to suit your business needs, including date, delivery location and duration. If you are after a full day Workshop or a 1-2 hour Workshop, we can help. Contact us for further information.

Employee Well-being and Mental Health in the Workplace 

Conflict Resolution

Our team, in close partnership with our clients, provides a process of counselling and facilitation that enables people to:

  • Talk in a non threatening environment
  • Understand that it is normal to have conflict in small amounts and that not all conflict is bad
  • Obtain new insights into people's feelings and behaviours
  • Agree on solutions and ways forward
  • Agree on strategies to address potential sources of conflict in the future

Interpersonal Skills Development and Coaching                                    

Leadership Coaching for Success

We achieve this via structured one-on-one mentoring and support:
  • 360 degree assessments
  • Personal styles assessment
  • Leadership training needs analysis
  • Performance development plan with key measurable outcomes and actions
  • One on one mentoring and support to achieve outcomes