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Psychology of Stress

We are able to design and customise our Workshop to suit your business needs, including datedelivery location and duration. If you are after a full day Workshop or a 1-2 hour Workshop, we can help. Contact us for further information.


Our one day Psychology of Stress Workshop is designed to assist individuals to improve their own coping skills via:

  • Physical stress management techniques;
  • Cognitive stress management techniques;
  • Stress management on the job techniques; and
  • Communication skills development.

Target Audience:

This workshop is applicable to all employee levels.

Key Objectives:

By the end of the Psychology of Stress Workshop, participants should have a greater understanding of:

  • Internal factors contributing to the experience of stress;
  • Tools and strategies for managing and mitigating these internal factors;
  • How to manage on the job stress;
  • The way that language influences stress levels in self and others;
  • Communication styles and how these can create or mitigate stress; and
  • Strategies for assertive communication.

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