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Safety Solutions

Our safety solutions are aimed at improving safety culture and occupational health and safety performance. We achieve this through:

Safety Culture Diagnosis and Improvement Strategies

  • An integrated approach assessment using the Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey, documentation review, interviews and focus groups to identify key cultural areas for improvement and recommendations to remedy concerns
  • Development of a safety culture development plan

Safety Leadership Development Strategies

Behaviour Based Safety Solutions

To improve occupational health and safety performance we provide:                            
  • Behaviour Based Safety Master Class Workshop
  • Behaviour Based Safety Work Readiness Assessment
  • Mentoring and coaching support on how to conduct observations, provide feedback and promote engagement on safety out on the shop floor
  • Behaviour change principles
  • Training the Coach to Coach Program, designed for those personnel required to motivate and equip others internal to the organisation to conduct observations
  • Review Behaviour Based Safety Programs for improvement and sustainability