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Behaviour Based Safety MasterClass

We are able to design and customise our Workshop to suit your business needs, including date, delivery location and duration. If you are after a full day Workshop or a 1-2 hour Session, we can help.  Contact us for further information.


PSB Solutions’ Behaviour Based Safety Master Class is designed for professionals in organisations who are considering implementing or have implemented a behaviour based safety program and would like further information and skills on a best practice approach.

The workshop offers a complete overview of the psychological underpinnings that make Behaviour Based Safety effective, and discusses how this knowledge can be applied to practical solutions.

Target Audience

This workshop is ideal for safety professionals or leaders considering implementing or improving their program.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the one day program are to provide the participants with an understanding of: 

  • What Behaviour Based Safety really is – the fact and the fiction
  • The benefits of Behaviour Based Safety
  • The most effective approaches for carrying out Behaviour Based Safety observations
  • Safety behaviour and risk taking on the job
  • The psychological principles and mechanics that underpin Behaviour Based Safety
  • Feedback techniques essential to making a program work
  • Best practice implementation and required elements for Behaviour Based Safety programs
  • Process maintenance and troubleshooting

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