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Outplacement: The Next Step

Article prepared: 1 October 2013

Market demand, mergers, acquisitions, reorganisations, changes in management, and the introduction of technical innovations inevitably bring about resource reviews, and the separation of employees from the organisation.

Changes such as these not only affect the separated individual; they can impact the organisation’s brand and the morale of remaining employees. Navigating these changes effectively is crucial.

Outplacement is a structured process designed to assist separated employees to find new opportunities, while helping to minimise the distress associated with being unemployed. Outplacement services have many benefits at both an organisational and individual level. These are described below.

Benefits of Outplacement Services


  • Enhance the company brand and reputation as one that looks after their people.
  • Increase the chances of retention of those employees you require to take the company forward.
  • Retain a level of productivity and help to minimise any negative impact on costs.


  • Provide support in dealing with all aspects of being separated from the organisation including managing anger and hurt and instilling confidence.
  • Change the focus to their personal career needs and future.
  • Provide the tools to carry out reflection of their career to date.
  • Provide an assessment of key personal strengths.
  • Assist in developing a clear action plan for the future.
  • Guide them in the latest knowledge and skills to carry out an effective job search in the current market.
  • Equip them with a CV and strategies for gaining employment.
  • Provide them with interviewing skills and knowledge of behavioural questions.
  • Give them confidence and reassurance in their chosen future be it employment, re-training, business or retirement.

 How PSB Solutions Can Help?

As psychologists, we at PSB Solutions understand the psychological impact behind leaving a job, and the potential stressors of making a transition to a new life. Our background in psychology enables us to understand and help individuals to prepare for their next stage.

A key area of differentiation between PSB Solutions and other providers is our ability to utilise assessment tools to provide individuals with insight into their strengths, areas for development and personality characteristics when considering best career choices or person-organisation fit in future.

The following stages reflect our core outplacement service offerings:

Depending on the level of program chosen by the organisation, exiting employees are also provided with the following options:

Other Services:

In addition to the services outlined above, PSB Solutions specialise in:

For additional information on these services and how they may be of benefit in supporting individuals to find the right career and life balance in future roles please contact PSB Solutions for details. PSB Solutions are able to tailor their packages to incorporate these services on an individual basis, as required.

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