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Organisational Climate Surveys - Checking the Health Status of your Organisation

Article prepared: 24 May 2013

You might be a manager. Or maybe you’re an Organisational Development professional. You may even be the CEO. You know how you work, and you probably know how your team works. Do you know how your organisation works? How do you get people to tell you about your company in a non-defensive or confrontational way? Are people engaged? Are they happy? Do they know how their role fits into the larger organisational objectives?

In an ideal world, you could gather everyone together in a large meeting room for a day and ask for their opinions. However, this takes significant time out of everyone’s day, and you can’t guarantee that everyone will be provided with a chance to voice their opinions. You could round up your team leaders and department heads to provide you with a summary of how they think their teams are feeling about the business. However, all you are really getting here is second-hand information at best. How do you ensure that you’re not simply being provided with the good news?

Enter organisational climate surveys. Climate surveys such as the Workplace Climate Indicator™ target the perceptions of your workforce. These surveys provide everyone with a voice – from ground floor personnel to the executive suite. Quick and easy to use, these well-established tools allow you to target every individual in your organisation to provide honest, confidential and anonymous feedback regarding how they perceive the company for which they work.

In some instances, the voices of your personnel may not be an accurate reflection of what’s actually going on in your organisation. However, this is equally as important to pay attention to. If your employees hold a different perception of how the organisation is functioning compared to reality (or compared to management), this tells you that there is a breakdown in communication or alignment somewhere along the way.

What is working well? Are there areas for improvement?  Are people working in alignment with each other and the corporate goals? These are all questions that a high quality organisational climate survey should help to answer.

Organisational climate surveys investigate a range of factors impacting the workplace, such as:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Job involvement
  • Rate of change
  • Decision-making effectiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Interdepartmental relationships
  • Remuneration
  • Policies and practices
  • Product quality
  • Flexibility
  • Supervisor support

 At PSB Solutions we have developed The Workplace Climate Indicator™, which measures a wide range of organisational factors. PSB Solutions have extensive experience in the areas of survey design, implementation and analysis. Our ethically-bound, confidential and rigorous methodologies ensure that the results are accurate and interpreted appropriately. We can also help if there are areas of interest that you would like to target specific to your industry or business.

If you would like to know more about our Workplace Climate Indicator™, give us a call on (08) 9489 3900 or email us.


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