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Safety Culture Workshop

We are able to design and customise our Workshop to suit your business needs, including date, delivery location and duration. If you are after a full day Workshop or a 1-2 hour Session, we can help.  Contact us for further information.


All levels of an organisation are pivotal for a strong safety culture but many organisations struggle to understand what is required at each level and how each level of an organisation will interact with each other to create a cohesive culture. The purpose of this workshop is to create a safety culture framework that can provide clarity internally around what constitutes a positive safety culture and the behaviours required at every level of the organisation to achieve it.

Over two workshop days PSB Solutions can assist your organisation to develop and customise their safety culture framework and develop a complementing safety culture improvement process.

Target Audience

This workshop is applicable to all key decision makers and should include the executive team.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of developing a safety culture framework are to: 

  • describe what behaviours are required at every level of the organisation for a strong safety culture
  • embed and utilise the company values within their definition of safety culture
  • align the leadership team on what safety means to the organisation
  • provide behaviours to be measured as a baseline for assessment
  • create buy-in of the improvement initiatives
  • start the safety culture improvement journey
  • implement a strategy of sustained change and continuous improvement

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