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Safety Solutions

Our safety solutions are aimed at improving safety culture and occupational health and safety performance.

We are able to design and customise our Workshops and support strategies to suit your business needs, including datedelivery location and duration. If you are after a full day Workshop or a 1-2 hour Workshop, we can help - download a brochurecontact us for further information or fill in the form.

Safety Culture Diagnosis and Improvement Strategies

  • An integrated approach assessment using the Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey™, documentation review, interviews and focus groups to identify key cultural areas for improvement and recommendations to remedy concerns
  • Development of a safety culture development plan

Safety Leadership Development Strategies

Interpersonal Skills Development and Coaching

Behaviour Based Safety Solutions

To improve occupational health and safety performance we provide:

  • Behaviour Based Safety Master Class (workshop)
  • Behaviour Based Safety Work Readiness Assessment
  • Mentoring and coaching support on how to conduct observations, provide feedback and promote engagement on safety out on the shop floor
  • Behaviour change principles
  • Training the Coach to Coach Program, designed for those personnel required to motivate and equip others internal to the organisation to conduct observations
  • Review Behaviour Based Safety Programs for improvement and sustainability

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