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Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey™

The Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey™ has been designed to provide leadership insight into organisation-wide perceptions of safety performance and management across a wide range of safety factors. Areas of focus include team functioning, morale, supervisor commitment to safety, accountability, and risk-taking behaviour.

Administering the Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey™ in your organisation is an invaluable first step in implementing informed, strategic changes to drive improvement in safety performance.

The Survey

The Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey™ has been thoroughly researched and successfully developed with the following benefits in mind:

  • Collecting rich, in-depth data through a dual approach; participants rate their agreement to statements on a scale of one to five, and provide open feedback on a series of open-ended questions.
  • Identifying key areas of strength and areas for improvement in overall safety performance and management.
  • Utilising a non-threatening, anonymous process for obtaining information regarding frontline and management perceptions of safety
  • Collecting demographic information for comparisons between management and non-management groups, and other groups of interest (e.g. contractors).
  • Providing timely feedback.
  • Benchmarking opportunities to determine the effectiveness of new safety initiatives (if previous data is available).

Results and Analysis

After the survey completion and data analysis, PSB Solutions consultants will compile a comprehensive report presenting:

  • A numerical and graphical representation of survey responses, including percentage breakdowns of favourable, neutral and unfavourable responses for each item.
  • A theme analysis conducted on open-ended questions identifying safety themes that were consistently raised by participants.
  • Strategic recommendations for safety improvement.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of new safety initiatives (if previous data is available).
  • Comparison data between demographic groups.
  • Analysis of any additional data requested by your organisation.

For more information

If you’d like to speak to one of our consultants about whether the Blue Pulse Safety Climate Survey™ suits your needs, you can contact us on (08) 9489 3900 or email us


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